Full Conference Video

Individual Sessions

Welcome and Introductions by Mauro Ferrari

Session I

Session One Opening by Declan Walsh and Charles VonGunten
Reflections from 50 Years of Cancer Care and its Impact on Current End-of-Life Care by Neil MacDonald
The State of the Art in Palliative Care by Eduardo Bruera
Medicine, Palliative Care, and Spirituality: Anthropological Perspective by Robin Warren Lovin

Session II

Session Two: Workings of the Human Spirit in Palliative Care by Carol Tayler and Robert L. Fine
Spirituality, Religion and Psychology by Reverend Renzo Pegoraro
Integrating Spiritual Care into Palliative Care Practice by Christina M. Puchalski
Chaplaincy Perspective by Reverend Bettie Hightower
Psychotherapy Focused on Spirituality (meaning, dignity, hope) by Harvey Chochinov
Whole Person Care Clinical Model by Ira Byock

Session III

Session Three: Medical Humanism in Palliative Care Practice by Colleen Gallagher and Liliana de Lima
Narrative Medicine: A Model for Empathy, Reflection, Profession and Trust by Kathryn Kirkland
Relational Autonomy in Palliative Medicine: Moving Beyond the Limits of Individualism by Daniel P. Sulmasy
The Challenge of Measuring and Communicating Intangible Values of Palliative Care by Tracy Balboni

Session IV

Session Four: an Interfaith Roundtable on the Role of Religions in Palliative Care

Session V

Session Five: PAL White Paper for Global Palliative Care Advocacy